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Constructora ibaguereña con 26 años de experiencia en hacer realidad el sueño de tener casa propia de cientos de tolimenses.

Es motivo de satisfacción para nosotros tener la posibilidad, a través de nuestras creaciones, hacer parte del mejoramiento en el estilo y la calidad de vida de quienes nos eligen, a la vez que aportamos al crecimiento y desarrollo de nuestra región.

Construimos y promovemos proyectos que generan empleo, que respaldan y apoyan el talento humano. Como fruto de este servicio, contribuimos a edificar un mejor país mientras satisfacemos las necesidades de nuestros clientes, siempre bajo estándares de calidad y conciencia social.

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    Proyectos en Venta

    $1400 / 1 s.f.
    Area: 680 sq.ft.
    1 Bathroom 2 Bedrooms 680 sq.ft.
    Address: 350 5th AveIbagué
    Agent: María Camila Forero Added: 01.07.18
    Apartment Plan CC1

    These apartments in 680 square feet are studio type with two bedrooms, big living room, one bathroom, also a terrace and a wardrobe.

    $1200 / 1 s.f.
    Area: 480 SQ.FT.
    1 Bathroom 1 Bedrooms 480 SQ.FT.
    Agent: Jenny Magnolia Vega Added: 01.07.18
    Apartment Plan AA1

    These apartments in 480 square feet are studio type with one bedroom, big dining room, one bathroom, also a terrace and a hall.

    Desde: $199´262.000
    Area: Desde 73,87 m2
    1 Bathroom 1 Bedrooms Desde 73,87 m2
    Address: 350 5th AveIbagué
    Agent: Erika Patricia Cardeña Added: 01.07.18
    Altos de Berlín

    Altos de Berlín es un proyecto de apartamentos con un componente innovador enfocado al aspecto bioclimático que permite iluminación y ventilación natural en su totalidad

    Ofrecemos Apartamentos con

    Características Únicas


    Hogar Inteligente

    Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and at your command. Whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, the home reacts.


    You can choose an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, and whether you wish to have one at your facility. This amenity is great for warmer regions and is totally worth the extra money that is included in the cost.

    Parqueadero Propio

    This is one of the most important criteria in the real estate business, and we understand that you need your designated parking spot. We offer all types of parking: temporary, garage, lot, underground.

    Área Privada

    Our clients can completely rely on us in terms of privacy and safety. We work with the most secure sources and guarantee that the territory that you buy or rent is completely protected from trespassing.

    Zonas Comunes

    If you like working our on a daily basis and wish to save time traveling to your gym and back, we offer houses/apartments with sports clubs that are either nearby or right in your building.

    Confía en Nosotros

    “Would I recommend this company to my friends? Absolutely! I will be recommending it to everyone who wants to find the best house that would suit all their needs! They know everything about real estate and great service!

    Jared Moore

    27 years
    Jared Moore

    “It’s always difficult to pick the ideal apartment in a big town. However, with your help, the process of getting one was fast and painless for me. Thank you so much for making my life easier! I absolutely love my new home.

    Sandra Jones

    38 years
    Sandra Jones

    “I was impressed by your professional agents! I have dealt with many agencies, but yours is the best. Thank you for the fast service and individual approach. I appreciate your help with finding perfect offices for my business!

    Jessica Lee

    35 years
    Jessica Lee

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